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Research and in depth market analysis is the backbone of operations at Quantum Securities. Two Directors of the company and two senior research analysts are involved in carrying out research comprising mainly of company/ industry analysis, market review and trading strategies. Both these along with five assistant research analysts are involved in advising clients (mainly institutions and High networth individuals) on investment opportunities based on in-depth analysis and site visits to various parts of the country.

We are among the select few brokerage houses based out of North India, which have such a wide coverage of stocks. We have good presence and acknowledgement with the institutions at Mumbai.

We are strongly focused on Emerging ideas particularly in Mid-caps.

This activity is now being carried out in a structured manner, as the company is now focussing on the Institutional/Corporate segment and it has set up a full-fledged research department.

Our products: Two daily newsletters and stock specific reports have had an excellent success rate in predicting markets/stocks. The company circulates 2 - 4 company/ industry specific reports in a month to our Major clients, Corporates & Financial Institutions plus regular quarterly result updates on companies in our active coverage.

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