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Retirement Planning

Do you know how much you need to save/invest today to maintain the same standard of living post your retirement? Lets take an example - if the retirement age is 58 and your present age is 33 (which means that your number of years to retirement is 25), your current monthly expense is Rs 10,000, your present annualised value of investments is Rs 100,000 with an expected rate of return of 10% and post retirement you are expecting a monthly pension of Rs 5,000, then you would still need to invest an additional Rs 44,642 annually or Rs 3,610 monthly in similar investments with 10% return on investment till your retirement age to maintain your existing standard of living. We are assuming inflation at 5%.

If you would like to find out how your retirement is planned, please use this simple calculator –* figures in Rs

No. of Years to retirement
Present monthly expenses *
Present Investment *
Expected Rate of Return (in %)
Expected monthly pension *
Savings Option
Savings Required
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