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Exchange BSE
Exchange Code 532659
Last Traded Price (Rs.) 55.65
Last Traded Date 23/09/2021
Last Traded Time 11:07 AM
Change (Rs.) 0.00
% Change
Day's Open (Rs.) 56.40
Previous Close (Rs.) 55.65
Day's High (Rs.) 56.40
Day's Low (Rs.) 55.35
Bid Price (Rs.) 55.55
Bid Quantity (Nos.) 1044
Offer Price 55.7
Offer Quantity (Nos.) 5690
Traded Value (Rs. Lakhs) 65.66
Traded Quantity (Nos.) 117989
No. Of Trades (EOD) 2612
52 Week High / Low
Exchange High (Rs.) High Date Low (Rs.) Low Date
BSE 62.60 22/07/2021 28.20 14/10/2020
SEBI Registration No. INZ000229132
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