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Exchange BSE
Exchange Code 532868
Last Traded Price (Rs.) 179.50
Last Traded Date 22/01/2019
Last Traded Time 4:01 PM
Change (Rs.) 2.25
% Change 1.27
Day's Open (Rs.) 176.00
Previous Close (Rs.) 177.25
Day's High (Rs.) 180.30
Day's Low (Rs.) 174.80
Bid Price (Rs.) 0
Bid Quantity (Nos.) 0
Offer Price 0
Offer Quantity (Nos.) 0
Traded Value (Rs. Lakhs) 653.62
Traded Quantity (Nos.) 364134
No. Of Trades (EOD) 1163
52 Week High / Low
Exchange High (Rs.) High Date Low (Rs.) Low Date
BSE 265.50 24/01/2018 141.20 19/10/2018
NSE (Capital Market): SEBI Regn. No. INB-0230582430, BSE (Capital Market): SEBI Regn. No. INB-011119030 NSE F&O: SEBI Regn. No. INF-0230582430, NSE CURRENCY: SEBI Registration No. INE230582430
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