Dear Shareholder,

Green Initiative in Corporate Governance - Receipt of Company Communications electronically

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has taken a "Green Initiative in Corporate Governance" thereby allowing paperless compliances by Companies through electronic mode. Companies are now permitted to send various notices /documents, including Annual Reports and Postal Ballot notice to its shareholders through electronic mode to the registered e-mail addresses of shareholders.

It is a welcome move for the Society at large, as this will reduce paper consumption to a great extent and allow shareholders as well as the companies to contribute towards a Greener Environment. It will also ensure prompt receipt of communication and avoid loss in postal transit.

Keeping in view the underlying spirit and pursuant to the said initiative of MCA, your Company in its constant endeavor to enhance sustainability of the environment, proposes to send all future communications and/or documents viz. Notices of General Meeting(s), Annual Report(s), Postal Ballot Notice and other shareholder communications henceforth in electronic form to the e-mail address provided by you and made available to the Company by the Depositories.

In case you are holding shares in electronic form and have registered your email address with the Depository, we intend to use email address provided by you to the Depository and available with the Company from time to time for sending various shareholders correspondence. If you desire to have a different email address, please update the same with your Depository Participant (DP).

Those shareholders who have not yet registered their email address but holding shares in demat form are requested to update the same with your Depository Participant (DP). Shareholders holding shares in physical form are requested to register their email address with our Registrar and Share Transfer Agent viz. M/s. Link Intime India Private Limited at quoting your folio no. and number of shares.

In case you desire to receive the above mentioned documents in physical form, you are requested to send an e-mail to Please note that these documents will also be made available on the Company's website for download by the shareholders.

Please note that you will be entitled to be furnished, free of cost, all communications and / or documents including copy of the Balance Sheet of the Company and all other documents required by law to be attached thereto including the Profit & Loss Account and Auditors' Report, upon receipt of a requisition from you, any time, as a shareholder of the Company.

We are sure, that as a responsible citizen, you will whole-heartedly support this initiative and will co-operate with the Company in implementing the same.

Yours sincerely,
Shruta Sanghavi
Company Secretary
Allcargo Logistics Limited
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