( in Crs.) 

ParticularsSep' 16Mar' 16Sep' 15Mar' 15Sep' 14
Net Sales/Income from operations2,802.162,734.062,941.552,840.562,779.65
Other Operating Income6.957.
Total Income From Operations2,809.112,741.162,946.782,846.812,782.30
Employees Cost476.99467.23458.37438.64418.00
Provisions And Contingencies2.644.473.934.538.10
Other Expenses2,069.452,026.882,205.042,165.272,120.34
Total Expenses2,636.002,573.032,745.752,684.052,628.21
P/L Before Other Inc. , Int., Excpt. Items & Tax173.11168.13201.03162.76154.09
Other Income12.1317.608.7030.7123.04
P/L Before Interest, Excpt. Items & Tax185.24185.73209.73193.47177.13
P/L Before Exceptional Items & Tax170.17164.68188.29170.54146.59
P/L Before Tax170.17164.68188.29170.54146.59
P/L After Tax from Ordinary Activities126.77131.53151.46131.17117.49
Net Profit/Loss For the Period126.77131.53151.46129.68117.49
Minority Interest-4.23-2.22-6.40-4.36-4.87
Share Of P/L Of Associates2.891.292.601.940.00
Net P/L After Minority Interest & Share Of Associates125.43130.60147.66127.26112.62
Equity Share Capital50.4250.4225.2125.2125.21
EPS Before Extra Ordinary *     
Basic EPS (Rs.)4.985.2211.7010.418.90
Diluted EPS (Rs.)4.985.2211.7010.418.90
EPS After Extra Ordinary *     
Basic EPS (Rs.) 4.985.1811.7010.108.90
Diluted EPS (Rs.) 4.985.1811.7010.108.90
Public Share Holding     
No Of Shares (Lakhs)0.000.00379.14379.14379.14
Share Holding (%)0.000.0030.0830.0830.08
Promoters and Promoter Group Shareholding     
b) Non-encumbered     
Number of shares (Lakhs) 0.000.00881.34881.34881.34
Per. of shares (as a % of the total sh. of prom. and prom. group)0.000.00100.00100.00100.00
Per. of shares (as a % of the total Share Cap. of the company)0.000.0069.9269.9269.92
PBITOE Margin (%)
PBTE Margin (%)
PBT Margin (%)
PAT Margin (%)4.514.795.134.554.22
PAT After MI And SOA Margin (%)4.464.765.014.474.04
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