You can view latest Delisted companies of BSE and NSE Exchanges.
Company NameDateRemarks
ADINATH BIO 08/03/2017Trading discontinued
ADITYA BIRLA 05/07/2017No-dealings due to SoA with Grasim Industries
ARCO LEASING 27/11/2017Discontinued from trading
ARONICHEMIND 19/05/2017No-dealings due to Scheme of Amalgamation
ASHIKACREDIT 15/11/2017Discontinued under Permitted to Trade Category
ASSAMPETROCH 20/02/2017De-listed as per SEBI Delisting guidelines 2009
BLUESTARINFO 16/03/2017De-listed due to SoA with Blue Star Ltd.
BORAXMORARJI 21/11/2017No-dealings due to SoA with The Dharamsi Morarji
BRAH.HIMGHAR 08/03/2017Trading discontinued
BRUSHMAN IND 08/03/2017Trading discontinued
CHAIN IMPEX 29/05/2017De-listed as per SEBI Guidelines, 2009
CHETAKSPINTX 29/05/2017De-listed as per SEBI Guidelines, 2009
CONFIDE.TRAD 27/12/2017No-dealings due to Consolidation of equity shares
CYBERSC.MULT 01/08/2017Trading discontinued
ELLENB.INDUS 08/03/2017Trading discontinued
FARMAX RETAI 08/03/2017Trading discontinued
FISCHER CHEM 27/11/2017No-dealings due to RoC
GENERA AGRI 15/11/2017Trading discontinued under PTC Category
GEOMETR.SOFT 14/03/2017No-dealings due to CSoA and Amalgamation
GLOBAL INDS 29/05/2017De-listed as per SEBI Guidelines, 2009